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Curious about how others are using 沙巴体育App? Want to share your own 沙巴体育App experiences? In the 沙巴体育App Teachers Facebook Group, we collaborate, connect, and synergize about 沙巴体育App in the classroom.

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沙巴体育App at Platinum Pre School

We were so excited to receive our new 沙巴体育App kits for our pre school iPads in the post today. It’s wonderful to see educational technologies starting to seamlessly integrate with the real world!

沙巴体育App at Hillcrest PDS

A Waco ISD Education Foundation grant is helping kindergarten and first-grade students at Hillcrest PDS learn how to read, write and strengthen their problem-solving skills. The grant written by teachers Emily Draper and Tammy Johnston has enabled the school to purchase OSMO kits for each of its kindergarten and first-grade classroom. OSMO is a unique accessory for the iPad that comes with “games” that are changing the way a child plays and learns. The OSMO system consists of a stand, a camera attachment, and some specially designed games that help children learn to spell, read, write letters, recognize shapes and become problem-solvers.